Help Wanted

We could use your help!!! We cant keep up with all the talent out there on our own. If you like to shoot video, take photos or anything else that might help us in our goal to showcase local musicians then hit us up.


What we need

  • We are looking for volunteers to create content that will promote local musicians in Colorado Springs and near by cities.
  • What type of content are we looking for?
    • Video – ┬áLive performance video of a local artist, an interview, a music video, or any other video content that would help support a local artist.
    • Photos – We don’t care if its taken with your cell phone or a high quality camera. If you captured some great stills at a local show or even a photo shoot with a local band, we want to help share those awesome photos.
    • Audio – Maybe you captured a great audio interview with your cell phone or had a sit down with a local artist and want to share that audio from that. Great! We would love to share it too.
    • Writing – Want to display your creative writing or want to give it a try? We would love your reviews, articles or what ever you want to write about. As long as its related to the local music.
  • Do you already do stuff like this for your web site or Facebook page?
    • That’s cool too. We would love to collaborate with you as a guest host, creator, photographer, writer or what ever it is you do and we will be sure people know where to find your original content as well. We are not your competition but simply your ally in an effort to shine some light on local musicians. So if you also create content for local artists then we want the people and the musicians to know about you as well.
  • Will you get credit for the content you share with us?
    • OF COURSE YOU WILL!! We will for sure list who created the content and if you have a place where they can find more of your work, we will link that too. If your in the witness protection program and want to remain anonymous, that’s fine too. We can keep names out if need be.


If you are interested in volunteering to help our mission in promoting the local music scene then please let us know

Best way to reach Local Soundcheck…… Send us a message on Facebook messenger. Click HERE to go to our page.

If you don’t have Facebook or would rather not contact us that way then you can reach us via e-mail by using our contact form available HERE.