• Inelements “Vimana”
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    Some band practice footage of local Colorado Springs band Inelements. The footage is part of a short documentary that will highlight the journey to the bands final show on November 18th, 2016.

  • Sunshine Studios Live (Feature)
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    Meet Christina, the owner of Sunshine Studios Live in Colorado Springs. Get a guided tour of this great venue from Scott Willson, bass player for the rock band Tantric and Sunshine Studios producer. Also including a behind the scenes look at the Tantric/ Trapt show that included some great local bands as well.

  • Pranking Like A Storm
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    Check out the story of the time Sunshine Studios Live pulled a little prank on the band Like A Storm.

  • Featured Artist: Inelements
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    The very first episode of Local Featured Artist. This episode featured Colorado Springs hard rock band Inelements. Take a look at the band in action as they write some new songs and have fun doing it. You can also view photos from the day by clicking HERE.