Doll Skin at Sunshine Studios Live (Photos)

While some teenage girls were out catching Pokemon or what ever teenage girls do, the four teenage girls of Arizona’s punk rock band Doll Skin were busy kicking ass at Sunshine Studios Live (July 28th).  The night kicked off with Pueblo band At Your Worst, then some good metal from Seven Days Lost (Pueblo, CO), followed by some DJ action from Limbo out of California. Then it was back to some heavy metal with Colorado Springs locals Fall From Silence. The night was topped off with the headliner for the evening, Doll Skin. Local Soundcheck was on hand to capture some footage for an upcoming feature video on the venue Sunshine Studios Live and managed to capture some good stills as well. Check out the photos from the evening and look for the featured video on the venue around early to mid August. Photos by Christopher Chaos


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